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Learn about Mushrooms!
Educator's Mushroom Growth Kit™ - Everything you need to bring fungi into your home or classroom or home school:
standards-based lesson plans - anatomy and life cycle worksheets - Mushroom Module™
Educator's Mushroom Growth Kit - Mushrooms


bulletNSES based lesson plan complete with classroom, laboratory and extension activities for all grade levels.
bulletMushroom Lifecycle & Anatomy worksheets
bulletOur Mushroom Modules make growing mushrooms easy, educational, and fun!
bulletGreat Biology Science Project!
bulletEducational Projects for the Classroom

Why should you be teaching your students about fungi?
As Earth’s recyclers, fungi are essential components of our ecosystems cycling nutrients for plants, animals and bacteria. It has recently been discovered that over 90% of all land plants grow in conjunction with a fungal partner that protects them from disease and aids in the absorption of nutrients from the soil. Many plant-fungal partnerships are even required for plant growth and survival. Finally, if you’ve ever eaten bread, enjoyed blue cheese dressing, drank wine, taken an antibiotic or ordered mushrooms on a pizza, then you’ve benefited from this incredible group of organisms!

The Educator’s Mushroom Growth Kit™ will allow you to bring the amazing world of fungi into your classroom with a complete, standards-based lesson plan, anatomy and lifecycle worksheets, and our exclusive Mushroom Modules™ make the growing of mushrooms easy and fun. No matter what grade level, the Educator’s Growth Kit will allow you to effectively deliver a high quality and exciting lesson on the wonders of the fungal kingdom.

Mushroom Worksheet NSES based lesson plan:
Offered for all grade levels, our professionally authored National Science Education Standards (NSES) based lesson plans give you everything you need to get started teaching your students about the amazing world of fungi. They’ve been aligned with the national content standards eliminating guesswork and streamlining your preparation time. The lesson plans (Basic & Advanced) include a full chapter’s worth of textbook-style background information as well as concepts, science themes, laboratory and extension activities. In addition, the Educator’s Mushroom Growth Kit™lesson plans have been reviewed and endorsed by the California Department of Education as an approved NSES based teaching resource.

Basic Lesson Plan:


Observe mycelial (vegetative) growth and mushroom (reproductive) growth.


Learn to identify the basic parts of a mushroom and learn how fungi reproduce using a life cycle diagram.


Harvest a fresh mushroom, take a spore print on paper and compare them with one another.


Demonstrate natural nutrient recycling and how plants, and fungi work together in nature.

Advanced Lesson Plan:

bulletObservational experiments and activities.
bulletBe introduced to the fungal kingdom.

Understand the many roles fungi play in our environment.


Learn how fungi reproduce through study of a lifecycle diagram, and identify the basic parts of a fungus/mushroom.


Learn basic features and examples of the four major fungal phyla (Chytridiomycota, Zygomycota, Basidiomycota, and Ascomycota).


Observe fungal mycelium and all stages of mushroom growth.


Collect mushroom spores to visualize the reproductive units of mushrooms.


Investigate the effects of gravity (gravitropism) on mushroom growth, adaptive responses and the implications for fungal reproduction. An optional lab report with results and analysis can be assigned.


Understand and observe how fungi transform organic wastes (in this case sawdust) into a nutritious soil that can support plant growth.


Lifecycle & Anatomy worksheets:
Our accurate and up to date lifecycle and anatomy worksheets will allow you to show your students the biological features of fungal growth and reproduction. The middle/high school level lifecycle diagram is also designed as a worksheet complete with a key for teaching fungal terminology and/or preparing examinations.

Mushroom Bottle Our exclusive Mushroom Modules™ make growing mushrooms easy and fun!

The Educator’s Growth Kit™ state of the art Mushroom Modules™ (bottle & mushrooms pictured on left) make classroom/laboratory mushroom cultivation nearly foolproof. Extensively tested by teachers and curriculum developers alike, they will bring the exciting world of fungal growth and reproduction into your classroom or laboratory! Each Mushroom Module™ will produce enough mushrooms for demonstration activities like creating spore prints and/or microscopic examinations. The Modules™ will produce a cluster of the common Oyster mushroom (P. ostreatus) which are completely safe and edible.*

Our basic K-4 kit includes one Mushroom Module™. The middle and high school kits include two Modules for the optional laboratory investigation of the physiological effects of gravity (gravitropism) on mushroom growth.. After harvesting the decomposed sawdust mushroom substrate in the module can be used for plant propagation to demonstrate nutrient recycling.

*NOTE Although the Oyster mushrooms produced by the Module™ are completely safe and edible, we do NOT recommend consuming them because they will not be grown in a food-safe, sanitary environment (i.e. your classroom or laboratory).

Educator's Mushroom Kit (1-Module) - $25.95
Basic Lesson Plan - Please Indicate Grade Level when you order.

Please Indicate Grade Level when you order.

Educator's Mushroom Kit (2-Modules) - $35.95
Advanced Lesson Plan

Please Indicate Grade Level when you order.

Shipping Note: Kits Ship Only on Mon. & Tues.  Orders must be received by noon on Friday to ship the next week.

More information on mushrooms: Mushroom Information and Educational Projects with Mushrooms

Let's Grow Mushrooms! - 2 DVD Set by Marc Keith

How to Grow Mushrooms:  A complete hands-on guide to cultivating edible and medicinal mushrooms at home or school! This 2 DVD set is extremely comprehensive and easy to follow. Highly recommended for both novices and experienced mushroom growers.  Let's Grow Mushrooms! is ideal for both the experienced cultivator who wants to see the more complicated tasks demonstrated in a visual format, and the beginning mushroom grower who is confused about exactly where to start the whole process. If you're a student, our DVD will help you turn in a show-stopper at the science fair. $49.95 + S/H


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