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Shellfish, Mollusks: Oysters, Kumamoto Oyster, Olympia Oyster, Squid, Clams, Blood Clam, New Zealand Cockle, Pink Scallop, Scallops, Bay Scallop, Mussels, Blue Mussel, Freshwater Clam, Manila Clam, Golden Neck Clam, European Flat Oyster, Atlantic Oyster, Soft Shell Clam, California Mussel, Greenlip Mussel, Mediterranean Mussel, Hog Island Oyster, New Zealand Rock Oyster, Little Neck Clam, Boring Clam, Japanese Sea Scallop, Basket Cockle, Atlantic Sea Scallop, Surf Clam, Pipi Clam, Razor Clam, Octopus, Geoduck Clam, Abalone

Full color 24 X 36 inch Shellfish - Edible Mollusks Poster illustrating different types of Edible Mollusks with short descriptions of each type of Mollusk - $20.00 ea.

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Edible Mollusks Poster


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