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Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Imported from Italy

Truffle Oil in Organza Gift Pouch
Organza Gift Pouch
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Infused With The Flavor of Gourmet Ingredients, 
Mushrooms & Truffles

Add a dash to indulge your palate with exquisite flavor
A Perfect Gift

bulletUse in place of fresh mushrooms or dried mushrooms
bulletUse to augment or replace gourmet ingredients
bulletStuffing, gravy & sauces
bulletGarnish hot pasta, potato or vegetable dishes
bulletRisotto & soups
bulletGarnish fish and meat dishes
bulletGarnish salads and cold pasta or vegetable dishes
bulletMake unique hors d'oeuvres
bulletA wonderful dip for fresh bread

Truffle & Mushroom Oil Gourmet's Collection
Mushroom Oil Gourmet's

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Infused With The Essence of Gourmet Mushrooms, Truffles and Gourmet Ingredients
Truffle oil is an aromatic condiment, not a cooking oil.   Made with a base of extra virgin olive oil, a few drops to a half-teaspoon per serving is enough to season your dish.

SizePrice / Quantity
100 ml (3.5 oz)
Truffle Oil Sampler

Rectangular Bottle
Sabatino Tartufi
2OT12 - 100 ml (3.5 oz) Bottles:
1 - White Truffle Oil
1 - Black Truffle Oil
$25.75 + S/H
White Truffle Oil
Amphora Bottle
Sabatino Tartufi
OWT2A250 ml (8.4 fl oz) 
$26.00 + S/H
Black Truffle Oil
Amphora Bottle
Sabatino Tartufi
OBT2A250 ml (8.4 fl oz) 
$23.50 + S/H
250 ml (8.4 oz)
Truffle Oil
Sabatino Tartufi
Amphora Bottles
OTS2 (8.4 oz) Bottles:
1 - White Truffle Oil
1 - Black Truffle Oil
$45.00 + S/H
Porcini Oil
Amphora Bottle
Sabatino Tartufi
OPC2A250 ml (8.4 fl oz)

$20.75 + S/H

Mushroom Oil
Amphora Bottles
Sabatino Tartufi
OGC3 (8.4 oz) Bottles:
1 - White Truffle Oil
1 - Black Truffle Oil
1 - Porcini Oil
$63.00 + S/H

Olive Oils typically shipped Priority Mail

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Dietary Fact: Olive oils are rich in polyphenols, an antioxidant that blocks inflammation. Olive oil also contains monounsaturated fat, oleic acid, which makes it easier for the essential fatty acids (EFAs) found in fish and other foods to penetrate cell membranes.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Infused With The Essence of Gourmet Ingredients

Add a dash to indulge your palate with exquisite flavor
A Perfect Gift

Black Truffles (Tuber melanosporum): Often called black diamonds, are usually used with hot dishes such as omelets, sauces or stuffing due to their pungent and lasting flavor. A few drops on scrambled eggs produces a special breakfast.

White Truffles (Tuber Magnatum Pico): Often called Autumn Truffles, are even more rare than Black Truffles. Their distinctive, subtle flavor uniquely complements pasta, cheese, fish dishes, bruschetta, fondue, cold cuts, pasta, roasted meats and for seasoning risotto. A fantastic oil & vinegar salad dressing.

Porcini (Boletus edulis): One of the finest mushrooms and exceptionally delicious. Their nutty, earthy & meaty flavor complements almost any dish or sauce - use to season risotto, pasta dishes and stews; wonderful for salads.

Morel (Morchella) mushrooms are harvested for a limited time each year.  Unique Morel Flavors & Aromas are Infused into Extra Virgin Apricot Oil. Simply add a tablespoon to your favorite dish.

Quick Gourmet Pasta


bullet8 ounces Pasta (4 servings)
bullet1 table spoon olive oil
bullet4 teaspoons Mushroom Oil -- White Truffle, Black Truffle, or Porcini
bullet1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese

Preparation & Presentation:

bulletBoil pasta in 3 quarts salted water with a tablespoon of olive oil.
bulletWhen al dente, drain pasta.
bulletAdd parmesan cheese and toss.
bulletDrizzle 1 teaspoon Mushroom Oil on top of each individual serving.
bulletServe immediately
Enhancing Hints: A heavy oil, such as extra virgin olive oil, will hold a mushroom's flavor better than a light oil. Heating tends to drive off some of the volatile aromatic compounds which give the distinctive mushroom flavor.  For maximum flavor, add Mushroom Oils near the end of hot dish preparation. Bottled truffle oil may lose its aroma over time as it is a truffle extract infusion (Truffle oil is created when truffles are soaked in olive oil). Truffle oil may also lose its characteristic aroma quickly in a warm bright, location, so store in the refrigerator. You do not have to refrigerate these oils, but if you do, it will solidify to a point, so just take it out of the refrigerator for about a half hour before you need to use it so it liquefies it again.
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