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Let's Grow Mushrooms!

Let's Grow Mushrooms! - 2 DVD video Set by Marc Keith - Hours of Instruction!

Lets Grow Mushroom DVDsHow to Grow Mushrooms

A complete hands-on video guide to cultivating edible and medicinal mushrooms at home or school! This 2 DVD set is extremely comprehensive and easy to follow. Highly recommended for both novices and experienced mushroom growers.  $49.95 + S/H

Video Running time: 225 Minutes
Each disk set is replicated from the original glass masters
Produced and manufactured in the USA

Click here to see Master Culture Slant sample clip from DVD

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Let's Grow Mushrooms DVD video SetLet's Grow Mushrooms! Video is ideal for both the experienced cultivator who wants to see the more complicated tasks demonstrated in a visual format, and the beginning mushroom grower who is confused about exactly where to start the whole process. If you're a student, our DVD will help you turn in a show-stopper at the science fair. If you'll take a skillet to school and sauté up a batch of your own fresh-picked mushrooms, the wonderful aroma will have all the judges hanging out at your table!

You'll learn to generate grain spawn, and to use it to inoculate bulk substrates or outdoor mushroom patches. Our section on using straw will have you growing prize-winning oyster mushrooms within weeks. The section on sawdust/woodchip blocks will give you the knowledge you need to grow valuable Shiitake, Maitake, Elm Oysters and many more gourmet edibles and medicinal mushrooms such as Reishi and Hericium (Lion's Mane).

DVD Video Disc 1

Brown Rice Flour: Disk 1 begins with the easiest method of all to get started growing mushrooms. No pressure cooker is required. The only ingredients needed are brown rice, vermiculite, and 1/2 pint wide mouth mason jars. Full step-by-step instructions are included on mixing, sterilizing, terrarium building, and the fruiting parameters for several species of edible mushrooms.
Grain Preparation: This chapter takes you through the entire process of preparing rye grains for generating mushroom spawn. Includes instructions on obtaining the perfect moisture content, plus lid preparation with several types of filters explained. Full instructions for sterilization in a pressure cooker to ensure success.
Grain-to-Grain Transfers: This chapter shows you how to turn one jar of rye or other grain spawn into ten more. Includes a detailed explanation of sterile procedures.
Rye Grass Seed: An explanation of the method the author uses to prepare rye grass seed for use with sclerotia producing species.
Manure Substrates: A detailed step-by-step procedure for preparing horse manure to grow mushrooms. Includes an easy to understand method for determining 'field capacity' moisture content.
Straw Pasteurization: Follow along as Marc prepares a batch of straw for growing mushrooms. Full instructions on chopping, soaking, and heat pasteurizing the exact batch of straw that was used to build the laundry basket full of oysters that graces the front cover of this DVD.
Straw Projects: Watch as Marc prepares and inoculates the laundry basket of Oyster mushrooms that are pictures on the front cover of this DVD.

 Click on Image Below For Sample video
Click to see master culture slant video clip DVD Video Disc 2

Agar-Petri dishes: Disk 2 contains the more advanced mycology subjects that you're sure to need as you progress in the hobby. The first section on agar work takes you through the process of mixing up a batch of agar and pouring your Petri dishes. Sterile procedure is covered in depth.
Strain Isolation: This section shows how to take a swipe of spores on agar, and as the mycelium differentiates into visible sectors, to transfer those to new Petri dishes to grow out until you reach single-sector isolates.
Master Culture Slants: This chapter covers preparing, inoculating, and recovering mycelium from master culture slants in test tubes. This procedure is for advanced growers who have isolated or cloned strains that they wish to store long-term in the refrigerator so they can continue to use the strain in perpetuity
Cloning: Watch as the author demonstrates how to take mushroom tissue from a fruit body and transfer it to agar to grow out. This mycelium can then be used to inoculate future projects.
Spore printing and syringe making: The procedure for taking spore prints, and then using them to make spore syringes are shown in this section.
Sawdust-woodchips: Watch as Marc prepares a batch of supplemented hardwood sawdust and woodchips for growing mushrooms. The addition of wheat bran, gypsum, and Marc's own method of using tyvek sleeves in the filter patch bags to prevent contaminants from entering is shown in detail.

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