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Medicinal Mushrooms Poster

Mushrooms for Health

These 24 X 36 inch Medicinal Mushrooms Posters illustrate dozens of different types of medicinal mushrooms.
Adjacent text includes the name and a short description of each type of medicinal mushroom - $20.00 ea. + S/H

MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS POSTERS illustrate numerous traditionally medicinal mushrooms which are cultivated or can be found in the wild in fields and forests.

Maitake, Grifola, quinie conk, Fomitopsis, fu ling, tackahoe, Wolfiporia, Poria, artist's conk, Kombucha, Manchurian, mushroom, Macrocybe, hog tuber, Polyporus, turkey tail, Trametes, chaga, Inonotus, Reishi, Ganoderma, Fomes, snow fungus, Tremella, ling zhi, veiled lady, Dictyophora, willow fungi, Haploporus, powder mushroom, Boletopsis, Fomitopsis, wood ear, Auricularia, Matsutake, Tricholoma, Rozites, tiger's paw, Albatrellus, Shiitake, Lentinula, lions mane, Hericium, Agaricus, birch fungus, Pipoporus, Pleurotus, honey mushroom, Armillaria, trumpet, Lentinus, Cordyceps, caterpillar fungus, teoancatl, Psilocybe, shimeji, Lycophyllum, enoki, earthstars, puffballs, Marasmius, Truffles, Tuber, ergot, poly pore, split gill, Schizophyllum, Straw mushroom

Posters shipped rolled - via Priority Mail 

Please Note: In order to provide you a fair representation of the posters - this image may take a while to load. However, the original posters are of a much higher quality than you will see here.

Medicinal Mushrooms Poster (POMMP) - $20.00 + S/H

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Medicinal Mushrooms Poster

Medicinal Mushrooms Poster

Medicinal Mushrooms Poster (POMMP) - $20.00 + S/H

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