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 Morel Mushrooms growing in Morel Habitats: Sustainable, Earth Friendly Morel Mushrooms Growing Kit
Photos of Morel Habitat Growing Kit - Pictures of Morel Mushroom Habitat - When to Pick Morel Mushrooms
These Products may be recylced All Components of Morel Habitat Kits are Recyclable as are all materials used to pack & ship the kits.
Also Know As:
Morchella - Morrels - Merkel - Morrel - Sponge Mushrooms - Dry Land Fish - Pine Cone Mushrooms - Hickory Chicks - Morel - Molly Moochers -Morels
 Now everyone can grow morels in their backyard and have a supply of fresh morel mushrooms in the spring.

Watch Video: Home Grown Morel Mushrooms and see One Way to Prepare Your Morel Habitat and Morel Habitat Care  by YourProduceGuy

  Photograph Morel Mushrooms Growing - Morel Habitat Morels

Morel Mushrooms growing in Morel Habitat among fresh spring growth

Photograph Morel Habitat Morels Growing

Pictures of Various Morel Habitats Growing Morel Habitat Morels

Upper Morels growing on bare earth.  Lower Morels coming up through layer of leaves.

Click here for more information on the Morel Habitat Kit

Setting up a Morel Habitat by YourProduceGuy
How To Grow Morels maintaining a Morel Habitat by
Home Grown Morel Mushrooms Morel Habitat Morels Harvested by YourProduceGuy

Morel Mushrooms in a customer's Morel Habitat
Morel Mushrooms in a customer's Morel Habitat

Morel Habitat - When to Pick Morel Mushrooms

When to Pick Morel Habitat Morels:  Harvest Morels after they turn yellow; the two gray morels may triple in size if you let them go.

Photo 4 mm Morel Habitat Morel Growing

Picture 2 - 3 day old Morel Habitat Morel (arrow) about 4 millimeters tall.  At this size the morel is very prone to dehydration ...

MOREL HABITAT KIT ®- $32.95 +  S/H 

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*Guarantee: We guarantee that, environment permitting; your morel spawn is capable of producing Morel mushrooms in a properly managed Morel Habitat with proper environmental conditions. The total number of mushrooms you can expect to get in each habitat may vary from year to year, and will depend on the care of your Habitat and environmental conditions. We test each batch of spawn. If we find that any batch of spawn is unable to produce morel mushrooms, we will send you new spawn free.
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Morel Row Ceramic Coffee Mug


bulletWrap Around Full Color Image
bullet11 Oz.
bulletIncludes Gift Box

Ceramic Morel Row Mug
 $13.95 + S/H
Online Sale: $9.95 + S/H

Dried Morels


Morchella - Re-hydrate and use as you would fresh morels. Morels add flavor and aroma to any type of food. This unique mushroom can be sautéed, and eaten whole or used to flavor almost any dish. No sauce is too heavy to smother its fantastic subtle flavor.  

Dried Morels -  4 oz - $50.00 + S/H

Morel Mushroom Mouse Pad


bulletCloth Surface/Rubber Backing
bullet8" X 9.5"
bullet3/16" Thick

Morel Mouse Pad
 $8.95 + S/H


24 hour ORDER line: (800) 789-9121

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Morchella - Morrels - Merkel - Morrel - Sponge Mushrooms - Dry Land Fish - Pine Cone Mushrooms - Hickory Chicks - Morel - Morels

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