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"Best Overall, Best Value. Best Flavor, too." The Wall Street Journal

Setting up a Morel Habitat by YourProduceGuy
How To Grow Morels maintaining a Morel Habitat by
Home Grown Morel Mushrooms Morel Habitat Morels Harvested by YourProduceGuy

"In addition to what you need to grow other genera, they sell a morel "habitat kit", and I acutally know someone who had good success with it."
Morel Cultivation for the Adventurous and Observant by Terri Marie Beauséjour.

2015 Morel Kit 80 Days Later , It Grew  - Gardening & More

Grow Morel Habitat Morel Mushrooms Start to Finish with Updates 2015

"Just thought I'd post that we had our very first morel pop in our mushroom garden that I planted last spring using the Morel Habitat Kit from GMHP. This was planted in a tiny section of our back yard in the heart of the City of St. Louis. I followed the instructions contained in the kit to a "T" ..."  The Great Morel Forum

"This morning I found our very first morel mushroom in our mushroom garden! I planted this garden last spring and used the Morel Habitat Kit that I purchased from Gourmet Mushrooms & Mushroom Products"   Jeff Topper, St Louis, MO  Photo:

Voodoo Garden Growing Shiitake Mushrooms at Home Video:

Oh Lawdy Lawd can I get an Amen?? I finally have something fantastic to report on the mushroom project!
It's a delicious magical day!

Home grown Trumpet Royale mushrooms

Time Lapse Trumpet Royale Mushroom log kit  Gardening & More

Growing Blue Mushrooms Kit at Home:

How To Grow Blue Oyster Mushrooms - YourProduceGuy

Tryout: Mushroom kits yield bumper crop
"In just a few days, I was surprised to find that one of the kits had grown full-sized mushrooms. They were so big that the log toppled off the mantel. I harvested them and threw them into a pan of hot olive oil for about three minutes."

" The easiest mushroom kit to use. Organic Gardening Magazine

EZ Grow Oyster Mushroom Kit

I've had so much fun growing (and eating) these mushrooms that I'm going to try the company's outdoor plugs."
Doug Oster, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

I Grew My Own Shiitake & Sonoma Brown Oyster Mushrooms at Home "I set it up and it quickly began to produce. As for the Shiitake mushroom kit I set it up and was amazed to see so many mushrooms growing in just a few days...This is a great kit for the impatient, like me!" Sarah Rainwater Dollar Monger

"...these were wonderful mushrooms! They (Pom Pom) and the shiitakes are worth the effort of growing the logs yourself."    Dog Hill Kitchen    See a Pom Pom Mushroom Crop

How I Grew Shiitake Mushrooms At Home  By Todd Heft | January 11, 2015 - "It was even easier than growing a houseplant."

"Hello there.. Just wanting to tell you that my Mom has been having so much fun with her mushroom kit. Got allot of mushrooms and it is a great gift.
Thank-you so much."

Just several of the 2013 - 2021 Reviews of the Indoor Shiitake Mushroom Kit from Gardening How-To magazine.

1)      easy to use fun to track your progress and delicious to eat!!!!

2)      I would recommend this mushroom growing kit for anyone, kids through adults. its pretty unique and rewarding when you harvest your first batch of mushrooms

3)      It was easy to set up and started to produce mushrooms in a day and half.

4)      it was very easy to set up. the instructions were easy to understand.

5)      Watching your mushrooms grow before your eyes at such a quick rate is incredible. The taste and amount of mushrooms harvested makes searching the woods a thing of the past.

6)      I recommend for the fact it is neat to watch it grow. This would be something neat for kids to watch and take care of with parental guidance.

7)      I would recommend this product to others.It was fairly easy to get started and maintain. The volume of mushrooms produced was much greater than i expected.

8)      If someone is interested in growing their own mushrooms this an excellent option. I also reviewed their website and they have several other species of mushrooms available to meet anyone's need.

9)      I would recomend this product for anyone that loves great tasting mushrooms in their meals. It is great to be able to easily grow your own knowing that they are quality and fresh.

10)   If you like to have safe fresh mushrooms growing at your convenience this is the product for you

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